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Application - Rashar by Yokufo Application - Rashar by Yokufo
My application for :iconbhandh3ll: <3


Status: Lord Demon of Greed. One of the "seven"

Sin: Greed

Age: ~ unknown 

Demonic form: A demonic / draconic hybrid

Height/Weight: 1.95m, ~110kg

Sex: Bisexual

Body features: Tail and wings.

:bulletblue:Posessions: Demon boy, a slave called Furfur


Impulsive | Cunning & Strategist | Greedy | Dogmatic | Violent | Independent | Domineering

- Impulsive: OH, yes. No need to say he is. Rashar is damn spontaneous. His blood boils up quickly and easily; inflaming dark rage, pures interest, highest passion or simple happiness. This man can swiftly change his mind, which makes him dangerous. It allows the demon to remain unpredictable and sudden in striking and decisions. 

- Cunning: He is doubtlessly smart and a good strategist. In games (none had yet managed to beat him in demonic chess!), as well, as on the battlefield.

- Greedy: Rashar, as a representative of the Seven, is doing his 'sin' all the justice. Being an offspring of a high-rank demoness and a pure blooded dragon, he inherited the most characteristic parental features. He loves the dark and he absolutely adores treasures and precious object of all kind. He is a a true collector with taste. He knows the true value of things and beings. Yes, materialistic items aren't the one and only interest of his. He tends to collects various creatures, binding them by blood and enslaving them. This provides the consistent growth of his harem, which is being filled with beings of unthinkable and rare heritage. Additionally to his exquisite harem, this man possesses a variety of caves and caverns, the biggest part of which he holds in secret. All of them are filled with unseen relicts, mountains of gold and gems, magical artefacts and hidden hoards. 

- Dogmatic: None. Ever. Disputes. With. Rashar.  This is a well-known rule. It's a fact. Beings which are thoroughly following it, simply live longer and die in less pain. The first rule, anyone belonging to the Arch-Demon, should inculcate and never dare to forget. Rashar is known for being extremely bossy and he truly hates, when his possessions start opposing his opinion. Sometimes, especially when he is in a good mood, the Arch-Demon does enjoy discussions or rivalry, however only with a worthy opponent. He can reward graciously and punish mercilessly. 

- Violent: Speaking of mercilessness. Rashar is, in fact, a very violent creature. And he has to hold himself back from 'breaking' people, instead of making/forcing himself to hurt them. He possesses a lot of raw, animalistic force. Pure strength which could easily describe him as wild and untamed. This strength is combined with the magical essence of fire, flowing through his body. Since he isn't a full dragon, as his father but only a half of one; Rashar can breathe fire only in times of extreme rage. Other than this, he is capable of handling the flames living within his body and in his blood. Though only to a certain level. He loves getting his hands on Angels and Arch-Angels, but most of all he enjoys tormenting the Fallen (since he highly detests these creatures). Sometimes Rashar does break his 'toys'; however only if he had found a better replacement for the previous one. And so he keeps his 'belongings' in fear of being replaced some day if they won't please/amuse him enough. 

- Independent: Rashar is quite typical in this kind of sense. He loves his freedom and lives it to his fullest. 

- Domineering: As an incubus, this man definitely enjoys all kinds of pleasures accessible for him. Although he is adamantly dominant, he had never met anyone capable of seducing him enough to be willing to try the contrary. He is used to taking whatever he wants. This man won't rest until he gets his hands on the desired. 


--- The past of this character is yet to be disclosed ---
--- And the present isn't yet written ---
(this section will be edited while the group's storyline progresses)


+ Gold, treasures and valuable things - ALL kinds of those (!)
+ His personal collection of creatures
+ Demonic chess (!)
+ Sexual pleasures
+ The dark
+ The scent of smoke/fire/exotic & exquisite oils/feathers
+ The sound of flowing and dripping blood
+ Challenges  
+ Refer people to their places (!)
+ Showing off
+ His slave Furfur, oiling his scales every evening

- Too much light
- Talks about hope and bright future
- Persons daring to oppose him / underestimate him
- Misbehaving property (!)
- People trying to steal from him (!)


+ Raw force and enormous bodily strength 
+ Agility
+ High pain endurance 
+ Ability to find a 'way out' 

- Impatience
- Slow regeneration
- Rage (which makes him particularly blind)
- His wings (as sensitive, as any angelic would be)


- Weapon: Rashar is a great-sword fighter and he had developed various skilful techniques, by using it in combination with his tail and wings. Especially the Arch-Demon's tail is very powerful and strong. It can easily break bones; with enough force even crush stone. 

- Senses (eyes): Rashar's eyes are more accustomed to darkness, than any bright light. And so he experiences quite a few problems when facing the light directly. He is capable of protecting his eyes with a second transparent lid (a draconic feature), but it's supposed to protect against dust, sand, cold and heat. Leass against light. 

- Senses (other): However his hearing and smell senses are equally sharp and fine. Especially blood is something he can sense well, a scent he enjoys.

- Ability (incubus): As an incubus, he is capable of sharing his 'Breath of lust' with a person. This usually happens through a deep kiss, when Rashar lets a spark of his draconic flame escape from his mouth and into his partners body. The spark is capable of instantly enflaming the seed of greedy lust in his opposite; making him/her burn with passion and crave for Rashar's touch. Only this Lord Demon can satisfy the person, he 'enflamed'; this magic can grant the highest pleasure, but also be the most wicked curse (although it's temporary). Only Rashar's touch, his kisses and his body can grant the greatest satisfaction to the 'cursed'. Should he, however, decide to leave the person alone while being under this particular spell, the poor being will end up wildly satisfying himself/herself without a chance to find any relief or ending to this torture. He/she will loose consciousness by the time the entire strength leaves his/her body and wake up only hours later, incapable of moving; body and muscles locked in pain, feeling unsatisfied and empty. 

- Ability (dragon): He breathes blue flames, draconic fire, when in great rage. 

Rashar - palette by Yokufo
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Crimson-Panthera Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
>A< Nooo still dont have any internet on the house! so far I can only fave it w~ I really missed your awesome drawings and amazing/beautiful characters!!! ps: Where is Lai?This one is hot too but I miss the evil pervert demon >w>
Yokufo Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ohhhhh :'D You're back my sweetheart! <3
Thank you so much, and all of us missed you! <3 ^____^
P.S. Just as I've read your comment, I've looked at my last submitted art of Lai and had a badass laughter flash XDDDDDDDDDDD
Crimson-Panthera Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Hmmm kindaaa!! right now Im using my neighbor!! just got the password today but still no internet yet TTwTT Well Im happy you liked it that much lD I just cant help myself sometimes...well soon Ill be able to try to catch up with everything on DA that I missed W so I hope you are doing alright and all =3 see ya /o/ 
pinkstickerz Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Such an awesome character, both in design and in personality! I really like the mix of dragon and demon. The textures you used on his clothing and especially on his wings is really great, totally gives this that little extra pop to the look. I think my favorite part about him in the skin, I like the grey tone with the little dotted shine to it. Again, it adds that bit of texture, makes his skin so different from human skin, and it looks shimmering but still smooth. He sounds like so much fun to play with!! //reeeeach
Yokufo Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You- man... you-..!!! 
Icon - 145 Naoki 
I .. yeaaah.. I end up drawing darkskinned characters a lot; I have no pale skinned ones among my own oc's XD All of them have this level of oriental skin tone.. >///<

Some more, some - less, but overall they are my 'chocolate' army! Badumts! |D 

Oh he is one smexy bastard! O////7////O
very very good in bed...... waitwhat
pinkstickerz Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I like the dark skinned ones, I've got mostly pale myself, can never get the darker tones to look right... so of course I love that which I cannot do XD

I need further proof of this little fact pls ahem
Antarija Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's cool.
Sorry for the lack of eloquence :P

But seriously, his design is really great, not to mention his personality which is just perfect (well, at least for a demon/dragon, that is). Everything is so... fitting and well thought.
He's awesome, he really is.

Buuut I'd rather keep my distance from him. Just in case.
Yokufo Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You are good in summing it up! |D 

Ohhh yeah he is my first draconic guy and I seriously love him! :'D
Awesome fun to play with and soooo violent from time to time, makes me like.. shiver > o >;;

LittlePineapples Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student General Artist
He's just perfect. Dear, are you gonna make me fall in love with all your characters ? xD

Anyway, that's an amazing job you did there (again) ! ♥ I'll be one of his groupies ! :D
Yokufo Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I was not planning on this, but if you say soooouuu~~~ XD <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Thank you very much for such sweet words >////////7////////<
Hahahaha, I see, you really do like him XD <3
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